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Estonian Atlas... the Internet based database of Estonian maps and location names developed by the Institute of Baltic Studies (IBS). Special thanks to the Regio map publishers for permission to use their Estonian Road Atlas materials.


Maps from Estonian Atlas may be used only in non-altered way these are published by the system. If using maps separately you always have give a credit to Estonian Atlas [], as the source. Use of the Estonian Atlas data and maps for profit making purposes is strictly prohibited.

All the atlas contents belong to their authors and are subject of international and Estonian copyright law. Please contact authors with further queries via e-mail, if needed.


You can both navigate the maps visually and search for specific locations by the name of the object. For that please enter the name of town, village, street or other object, you are looking for, and press [Search].

How I can use Estonian Atlas maps at my Web site?

We have developed special system to ensure, that the Estonian Atlas map you are putting at your World-Wide Web page always reflects the latest additions and corrections made to our databases. All the new objects are immediately made visible also at your Web page. For the service above please add to your page reference to the Estonian Atlas.

Please find first from the atlas map you need, select then link [About] again and you will find in the paragraph, you are just reading, instructions for adding the map you have selected to your Web site.

Additions to the Estonian Atlas

For additions and corrections to the Estonian Atlas, please contact us via e-mail

Atlas © 1997-1998 Institute of Baltic Studies
Maps © 1997 Regio